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ENNIONSTUDIO and Empakglass develop new Whisky bottle for the Japanese Market

ENNIONSTUDIO and Empakglass has shown once more true synergies on the full development of a new Whisky bottle, from concept until industrialization. Following the steps: 3D concept

  • Virtual reality rendering

  • 3D printing of bottle and bartop closure with label

  • Parison design and forming simulation

  • Mould equipment development

And all delivered in 21 working days! This shows once more, when we are asked how long a project takes, our usual answer is that "the bottleneck is usually not on our side"! As a note, the label presented here isn't the actual one, but in honor of the Jikiden Reiki Go Kai, we decided to use them instead. Would you like to know more? Contact directly the local office of Empakglass or EnnionStudio either in Portugal or Bulgaria for us to develop "THE NEXT IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLE"! Bulgaria Office: Phone: +359 893 914 876 e-mail: Portugal Office: Phone: +351 218 079 529 e-mail:

e-mail: Sincerely, Empakglass and EnnionStudio Team

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